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“why people perfer portal steel structure”

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Portal steel structures have been China’s fastest developing new steel structure in recent years.
We find that the majority of factories and companies, whether local or international, utilize portal steel structures, with grid and pipe truss being uncommon. Isn’t that why, at the end of the day?
The popularity of the portal steel structure is due to its benefits of light weight, low cost, and quick construction time. As a result, it is approved by the majority of building structural design experts, and is extensively employed in industrial facilities and may be utilized by owners.Lastly it can also obtain obvious economic benefits.
Furthermore, the portal rigid frame construction uses light-weight steel structural technologies instead of standard concrete and hot-rolled steel (sandalwood bars and wall beams of cold-formed thin-walled steel, pre-painted profiled panels and wall panels and wall panels of lightweight thermal insulation materials). Because the roof panels and sandalwood strips are made of natural steel, the overall weight of the structure is reduced. The portal rigid frame’s beams and columns are largely built of variable section rods, which saves materials. Because the rigid frame’s section resistance moment is proportional to its flexural bearing capacity, it may adopt a changeable section based on the bending moment value on its section. From the position of the variable section, the height and thickness of the web, as well as the width of the flange, may be modified according to the demands in order to make the greatest use of the material. Because the structural member’s cross-sectional area is tiny, the volume is also modest. It may make better use of available space, reduce construction volume, and make the workshop more compact and appealing.
The portal steel frame is designed with an economical span and appropriate stiff frame spacing. The number of roof supports is minimized, and the structural support system is relatively succinct and unambiguous, because the integrity of the portal rigid frame roof system may be assured by sandalwood strips and corner braces.
The gateway rigid frame is a well-established architectural structure that developed in the United States. For regular workshops, we propose constructing a light steel framework. If you want to establish a large-scale production workshop, such as a car production and assembly workshop, you should adopt a grid structure, which can not only accomplish a big span, but is also more attractive.We still propose using a portal steel structure for small workplaces since it not only meets the real production demands, but it also saves time and money.
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Post time: Mar-08-2022