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The sculptural staircase of the five-star superior hotel The Fontenay

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The sculptural spiral staircase designed by MetallArt stands out in style at the five-star superior hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.
With 130 rooms equipped with the highest quality equipment, an infinity pool, an expansive spa and expansive parks, this premier hotel promises a very unique relaxation experience on 14,000 square meters.Especially the unique design of the hotel fascinates the guests.
Three interconnected circles in the curvilinear design define the floor plan of the architectural highlights.At the centre of these circles is a green courtyard that brings the spirit of nature into the hotel facilities.
The building’s impressive architectural concept came from the Hamburg office of Störmer Murphy and Partners.In addition to the extensive bespoke furniture, the steel stringer staircase, as well as the glass railings by MetallArt, captivate with its circular design and majestic shape.
The 1,500 mm single-story steel stringer staircase complements the hotel’s comfortable interior design concept.The balustrade-height flat steel stringers on either side of the sculptural staircase are 10 to 15mm thick and form a modern design balustrade.
They come with a rectangular armrest made of wenge wood attached to the top.In particular, the shape of the handrail for the ascending curve design was very challenging, but was successfully implemented by stair specialists with the utmost precision and expertise.
The tread step structure is realized by a combined step of folding and box design.The steel staircase has a sculptural character due to the three-dimensional curved steel soffit cladding completed according to the structural requirements.
The Fontenay bar uses a uniform circular and horizontal glass balustrade, and guests can see the 27-meter-high atrium of the five-star hotel, which is both a lounge and an entertainment venue.
In addition to the sleek look of the steel staircase, the all-glass balustrade is another highlight.To minimize green casting, it is made of white glass.
For the handrail, a thin wire stainless steel U-section of approximately 35 x 17 mm is attached to the laminated safety glass panel and finished by gluing.The panes themselves, single pane safety glass and laminated safety glass, show a length of 2.000 mm and a thickness of 16 to 20 mm.
The client and the architect’s office were very pleased with the performance of the stair specialist: “…the design concept of the Fontenay Hotel is circular. It is therefore understandable that the connection between the two floors must be made by means of a spiral staircase, and at the same time it must be Sculptural form with superb craftsmanship…MetallArt fulfills this desire of the architect, thank you!…” says Jan Störmer, partner at Störmer Murphy and Partners.
With more than 140 senior specialists, MetallArt Treppen is one of the leading German and international stair construction companies.For over 90 years, the company has combined craftsmanship with elegant design.
With fresh ideas and great passion for project design and execution, MetallArt plays a leading role in innovative stair construction.
As specialists in the production of high quality custom steel staircases and exclusive glass railings for international commercial and private architectural projects, MetallArt has been combining traditional craftsmanship with elegant design for over 90 years.
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Post time: Jan-11-2022