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Mrs.Zheng Said ‘The girl loves smile always lucky’

Hello everyone,I’m Zheng, one of the factory’s few female employees. For the past two years, I’ve been employed at the plant. I am the quality controller in our company . Every screw and component represents a family and a life for me, as a quality controller.
I used to work in my hometown, but due to Covid -19, I was laid off.For a long time I couldn’t find a job .As the experience I had in my hometown my friend introduced me to Deshion factory . At first I felt this job is exhausting and I couldn’t handle.Sometime I need to stand around 11 hours,but the people here are so nice and they always help me and treat me as a family member. Compare with other factory Deshion gives the staff more “freedom” .My superior won’t put us under pressure, but only requires us to be safe and complete the work according to quality and quantity regulations. Now,not only with the knowledge of quality inspection,but the skills i have learned in the Deshion that makes me more happy as well as more income.I’m following my supervisor’s instructions to comprehend the skills of assembling work.Now, I’m following my master in learning about stitching skills.”The girl who loves smile always lucky” is my favorite sentence,I feel very lucky to meet my colleagues here and get along with them like family.000001002003004

Post time: Dec-31-2021