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Introducing Check Point Software’s New Standalone IoT Threat Protection Solution “Quantum IoT Protect”

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow by 18% to 14.4 billion active connections by 2022. By 2025, as supply restrictions ease and growth accelerates further, there will be around 27 billion connected IoT devices. one
It is important to consider these numbers and take them seriously. Year after year, more and more IoT devices are being manufactured and connected. Sticking with the Halloween theme, here’s where the scary stuff begins: in 2021 alone, there will be over 1 billion IoT-related cyberattacks. 2
The Internet of Things has become ubiquitous and integrated into everything, including your business environment. This is especially good if proper safety precautions are taken. There are many examples of the positive use of IoT: it increases the productivity of employees and ensures the smooth and efficient operation of critical processes.
However, the same technology can also expose your business to cyberattacks. Take, for example, IoT building security startup Verkada, which was hacked in 2021 and showed footage from over 150,000 network surveillance cameras owned by 95 customers.
In this article, we’ll discuss the challenges of securing IoT devices and how our new solution, Quantum IoT Protect, delivers value to our customers.
Available as a Software Blade in the Check Point Quantum ‘Titan’ R81.20 release, Quantum IoT Protect revolutionizes network security by blocking the most subtle zero-day DNS attacks, phishing and IoT attacks. Titan combines our innovative AI deep learning technology, advanced global threat intelligence, and Check Point’s patented technology to instantly identify and block the most advanced threats. Titan is also extending new cloud capabilities to Quantum’s on-premise firewalls through Infinity Cloud Services, improving operational efficiency. This makes it easy to expand network security capabilities without the traditional operational hassles of updating firewalls.
However, in this article, we will focus specifically on Quantum IoT Protect and the value it provides to our customers.
With Quantum IoT Protect, you can start discovering and protecting your IoT assets in minutes. We are the first and only vendor to protect not only IoT-related cyberattacks with device firmware, but IoT devices themselves. The solution automatically creates and automatically enforces zero-trust network access profiles for IoT assets, protecting them from known and unknown cyber threats. This solution uses industry-leading threat intelligence, over 300 IPS signatures, firmware scanning, and run-time protection on the device, all in one management console.
Quantum IoT Protect discovers all assets connected to your organization, giving you complete visibility into all those devices and their connections, including IP cameras, network printers, PoS systems, and more. Assets associated with your organization are identified, their associated security risks highlighted, and automatically grouped by device type and role.
The greatest value for our customers lies in the next step. Get full visibility and protection of discovered assets within minutes of enabling Quantum IoT Protect. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any assets you’ll connect or change IP addresses in the future, as Quantum IoT Protects keeps your inventory up to date.
One of the ongoing challenges our clients come to us with is the daunting task of manually creating a zero trust policy for their assets. Therefore, most of the traffic to and from connected devices is open. Luckily for them, Quantum IoT Protect automatically creates and enforces a zero-trust network profile for your entire inventory of connected assets on its Quantum Security Gateway. This blocks any unauthorized access, preventing any damage to the organization. Zero Trust Autonomous Network profile is based on advanced AI technology, research and behavioral analytics to extend zero trust practices to IoT assets. IoT and OT environments are constantly changing and it is important that your IoT security solution automatically adapts in real time to protect these devices.
Using Check Point’s industry-leading IPS, Quantum IoT Protect blocks attempts to exploit known IoT vulnerabilities in real time. Check Point offers over 10,000 IT and IoT vulnerability protections and hundreds of protections for industrial control systems. These protections can be applied as virtual patches, which is a huge advantage in a world where patching IoT devices is next to impossible for a variety of reasons, including hard-to-reach device locations, mission-critical runtimes, complex protocols and standards, and more.
Quantum IoT Protect also provides the ability to protect IoT devices themselves at scale. For example, some IoT devices are difficult to secure, cannot be located behind a secure gateway, or are so complex that they cannot be secured. This protection is built directly into the firmware of the IoT device, scanning the firmware for vulnerabilities and blocking any threats in real time. The solution constantly monitors the device’s firmware to ensure security is always up to date. With Quantum IoT Protect, we provide revolutionary device protection during operation so that device manufacturers can develop connected IoT devices with built-in firmware protection. Add Check Point Nano Agent® to IoT devices with the help of the device manufacturer to monitor the device’s current state and respond to anomalies to detect and mitigate zero-day attacks.
To learn more about this, read some of our work with Intel and Provision-ISR.
IoT discovery, protection, policy creation, event analytics, and more are delivered as an end-to-end solution through a single management console with Quantum IoT Protect. With the aforementioned new version of the Quantum “Titan” cybersecurity platform (R81.20), Quantum IoT Protect integrates directly into the Check Point security management architecture, allowing customers to easily define unified access control policies and . Now, you can autonomously monitor IoT logs/data using behavior-based AI & ML; Now, you can autonomously monitor IoT logs/data using behavior-based AI & ML; You can now autonomously monitor IoT logs/data with artificial intelligence and behavior-based machine learning; You can now autonomously monitor IoT logs/data with artificial intelligence and behavior-based machine learning; it automatically updates local security management, IoT access control, and threat prevention policies.
With the release of our aforementioned Quantum “Titan” (R81.20) security platform, including Quantum IoT Protect, Check Point has become the only vendor in the market that actively prevents cyber threats at the device and network level, while other vendors focus on scanning, gestures , monitoring and alerting respectively. The reality of the market is that customers need not only the means to detect attacks, but also technologies that can prevent them.
Plain and simple: We easily discover devices by embedding them directly into our Quantum Security Gateway without any additional hardware sensors. Check Point is the first and only vendor to create and implement an offline zero-trust network access profile to protect against IoT-related cyberthreats. For use cases requiring advanced detection, such as industrial and medical organizations, we will continue to have tightly integrated partnerships with industry experts such as Armis and Claroty. These specific partners bring the best device discovery and experience to these specific use cases, and Check Point provides the best security features. Finally, we can build IoT security directly into device firmware by creating additional partnerships with device manufacturers to provide proactive protection against zero-day attacks on IoT devices.
For more information on how to get started on the path to fully protecting your organization from IoT-related cyberthreats, check out the following resources:

Post time: Oct-25-2022